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  • Is the WatchAd app free?
    Yes! WatchAd is totally free. You can download it through Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Why cannot I login?
    If you are having login issues, try the following steps. Make sure you have stable internet connection. Double-check if your "region code", "phone number" and "password" are all correct. Also, check if your caps lock is on, or have any typos. Try re-install if everything fails. If you still encounter login issues, please reach out to our support team.
  • What do I need to start mining with WATCHAD app?
    All you need is a smartphone with internet connection. After you download and install the WatchAd app, you have to register or login into your account. If you already have an account, login and follow these steps. Touch the "WatchAd icon" at the Home page. Watch a video. Payout! This is all you need to know to mine with WatchAd!
  • How do I receive payout?
    After you receive balance for watching ads, you can proceed to the payout page. Choose the chain that you want to payout between "Solana" and "Binance". Press "request payout", and connect to your crypto wallet. Choose the payout cryptocurrency. Input the payout amount. Payout! Our payout approach is very simple. If you need help, please reach out to our support team.
  • What are the supported payment currencies?
    We currently support SOL, BNB and WAD. We are increasing the variety of supported payment currencies. Stay tuned.
  • How often can I payout?
    You can payout whenever you want. Just make sure you have enough balance, and your last payout is already completed.
  • Is there a payout limit?
    NO. We do not have any payout limit. However, please make sure you have enough balance for the gas fee charged by Solana or Binance Smart Chain. Gas fee reference: For Solana, it is ~$0.00025. For Binance, it is ~$0.3. (Updated 14/04/2022)
  • Why is my payout unsuccessful?
    Please check the following if you encounter an unsuccessful payout. You can only proceed with 1 payout request at a time. Make sure your estimated balance is enough to cover your gas fee caused by the payout chain platform. If you need any help, please contact our support team. Gas fee reference: For Solana, it is ~$0.00025. For Binance, it is ~$0.3. (Updated 14/04/2022)
  • How can I earn more with WATCHAD app?
    It is very simple. The more ads you watch, the more you earn. There are 3 other ways to increase your earnings. Hold a WatchAd icon NFT to increase payout by 5%. Connect to a community code to increase payout by 2%. Hold a community code NFT to increase payout for each user connected. On events.
  • What would you do with service fee?
    The regular service fee is 12%. The followings are the distribution of usage. 2% to WAD circulation. 2% to community code users. (Applies when users are connected to a community code) 2% to community code holders. (Applies when users are connected to a community code) 6% to WatchAd team. If the user is not connected to a community code, the 4%service fee goes to WatchAd team.
  • How do I delete my account?
    I am sorry to hear that you are planning to leave us. You can delete your account by clicking "Delete account" under the "More" menu. Just a reminder, the action of account deletion is irreversible, and you will lose all your balance. You have to make a new account if you want to join WatchAd again.
  • How much is the service fee?
    The service fee is at maximum 12%. The service fee will decrease upon events and promotions. Besides, there are ways to increase your payout, such as: By connecting to a community code By holding WatchAd icon NFT or community code NFT.
  • Where can I buy WAD?
    You can purchase WAD on Solana Chain or Binance Smart Chain.
  • What is the initial supply of WAD?
    The initial supply of WAD is 1,000,000,000. (1 Billion).
  • What are the budget allocations of WAD token?
    70% of the total supplied WAD goes to public sales. The remaining 30% goes to WatchAd team. Regarding the 30%, the allocation of WAD is as follows. 40% goes to WatchAd team. 12.5% goes to Administration. 10% goes to Marketing. 30% goes to WatchAd Contractors. 7.5% goes to Contingency reserve.
  • What is a WatchAd icon NFT?
    WatchAd icon NFT is a set of unique art collections, that are designed to be used as an icon, but not limited to. It is an art NFT and is transferable. The WatchAd icon is designed by stylish artists, and there are 999 unique icons. By holding a WatchAd icon, you can get a 5% additional payout when using the WatchAd app.
  • Where can I buy WatchAd icon NFT?
    There are two ways to attain WatchAd icon NFT 1. Purchase the initial WatchAd icon NFT package. 2. Purchase one on Solanart and OpenSea.
  • What is a WatchAd community code NFT.
    The WatchAd community code NFT is a transferable NFT, serving the purpose of a referral code. There is a total of 999 community code NFTs, excluding celebrity codes. Community code holders are granted with crypto rewards for every user connected to their code.
  • How can I get a community code?
    The community codes are included in the WatchAd icon NFT package. You can always purchase one on Solanart or OpenSea, by making a transaction with current community code holders.
  • When do I receive my reward cryptos for holding a community code?
    We will airdrop cryptocurrencies (Usually WAD) to the holding wallet every month by smart contract. We will make an announcement every month when the rewards are airdropped. If you need help, please contact our support team.
  • How do you send community code reward?
    The community code rewards will be sent monthly by our smart contract. The reward will be sent with WAD, directly to the wallet that is holding our community code. If you encounter any problems, please contact our support team.
  • What is a WatchAd icon NFT package?
    The WatchAd icon NFT package includes the following items: A random WatchAd icon NFT. A WatchAd community code NFT. A collection of loyalty rewards. It is a one-time-only sale.
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