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App Update - Patch 1.1.0

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

This is a huge patch!

Patch note 1.1.0:

Let's go through some of the big changes first:

  • Removal of function "Team" and add new function "Collection"

The new collection system is a Game-fi. Users can collect WatchAd Collections by watching ads and reaching certain achievements (These in-app collections are not NFTs).

The Collections are WatchAd Official NFTs, and can be purchased or redeemed in the WatchAd Store in the future. There is also a chance to get these NFTs for free when you payout.

We are updating more and more collections for users to collect!

Below you can see the collection "Landscape" of WatchAd Official:

  • Redesign Profile layout

We redesigned the whole Profile layout, and added Exp., level, and buff indicators. (Active buffs are buffs that could increase your payout amount!)

  • Redesign Profile Settings

We also redesigned the profile settings, now you can set your username and change the profile icon here, and also bind your community code, wallet and email address here.

  • The introduction of community code ( & Remove the referral system)

With a community code, users can earn an additional 2% or more during payout.

Every user can bind to a community code, and by binding to one code, users are granted an additional 2% payout amount.

The community code is a WatchAd official NFT product, and the holder of the NFT will receive the same amount (the additional 2% payout) of WAD on every binder payout. The amount will be airdropped to the NFT holder's wallet every month.

More information on community code (and the NFT sale) will be released later!

Below are the rest of the updates:

  • Update Region code selection box

Now it is reloaded when switching pages, and should be easier to use.

  • General hyperlink update

  • Enlarged the button "FaceID/TouchID"

Now it is easier to click, and has more distance from other buttons.

  • Payout layout update

We added Guidance/Confirmation texts and visual effects (blue lights).

  • Change of Payout Choice of Binance payout

For the Binance payout, the available options are changed from "WAD/BNB" to "SOL/BNB" (Don't worry, WAD will be available again soon, and it is also currently available via Solana payout)

  • Update texts on the Splash screens

  • Update payout flow

  • Update SMS registration

We change the SMS boxes from 6 unique boxes to 1 box, and added auto-detection and auto-input of SMS.

  • Remove local save account details on account deletion

  • Auto update chart when switching page to "Profile"

  • Changed the default est. balance to WAD

  • Updated a default icon

  • Update more ad feed

We increased the amount of available ad feeds, and are working to put more ads.

Lastly, a few bugfixes:

  • Bugfix: Missing page of rankings

  • Bugfix: Unable to undo FaceID/TouchID

  • Bugfix: The icon is not a circle

  • Bugfix: Position incorrection of the blue bar in "Collection"

  • Bugfix: Ad feed error

  • Bugfix: Incorrect trigger of the swipe box

There will be one last patch before the official launch of the WatchAd App, so see you soon!

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