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Words from Founders

Updated: May 20, 2022

Dear Watchers,

Welcome to WatchAd.

We are very grateful to announce that WatchAd is now official!

In April 2022, we have reached several milestones. These are the most significant ones:

- Website official launch

We have redesigned the layout and art design throughout the website.

We cannot wait to show everyone our work and progress!

- Whitepaper official launch

The whitepaper has been finalized, and officially launched along with our website! New contents are added such as token release schedule and Game-Fi.

- Token allocation and release schedule

We have allocated the tokenomics, and designed the token release schedule. Please find details here:

Token Release Schedule:

Upcoming May 2022, we are moving on to the NFT art design, continuous app development and ICO/IEO/launchpad preparation.

-Private Sales (Round 1)

The first round of private sales will also be held in May, please stay tuned if you are looking to invest in WAD. A detailed sales plan will be announced soon.

If you wish to join the private sale, make sure you join our social media (especially IG, Discord & Twitter), so that you do not miss any important announcements and invitations.

(Private sales are invitation only!)

Hope to see you guys soon!

Best Wishes,

Torres Kee & Tommy Wong

Founder & Co-founder

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