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Words from Developers - 1

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Dear Watchers,

Welcome back to WatchAd.

We are delighted to announce our progress, the Alpha and Beta test of the WatchAd app, and upcoming events.


There are plenty of changes regarding the functions and layouts of the WatchAd app, but the core function will never change, so no worries.

We removed “Team”, and added new Game-Fi content, “Collection”.

"Profile" also received a content and design rework.

Besides, there are plenty of changes (i.e. adding new indicators) in the layout and design to make the app looks better and easier to use.

There will be another blog covering all the updates and an update log soon. The big news today is the announcement of the Alpha and Beta test, so let’s move on to it.

The Alpha Test

The Alpha test is the early testing period for the developers and related parties. The app will be ready for Alpha in early August.

Currently, we expect the Alpha Test to begin in early to mid-August and should end by August 31.

The Alpha Test allows us to examine all the functionalities of the app, to make sure they aren’t well prepared for the upcoming Beta Test, and yes, if everything goes well, the Beta Test will start on Sept 1! (or early Sept if we need some fast update.)

The Beta Testing Program

The Beta Testing Program allows our users (fellow Watchers) to participate in the early development of the WatchAd app. As a small development team, we are hoping that the passion and engagement of our community could help us to accelerate the app development.

Hence, we are inviting a group of individuals to join the Beta Testing Program, and help to review the app content, functions and changes. We are expecting these individuals to then provide feedback for us to perfect our application and improve the user experience.

In return for our users helping us in the development progress, a series of rewards will be given to individuals that participate and contribute to the Beta Testing Program, including but not limited to:

  • Account data can be kept after the Beta Test

  • 5x WAD Payout bonus during the Beta Test

  • WAD airdrop equal to the total estimated mined amount during the Beta Test

  • Exclusive WatchAd Collection NFTs

  • Exclusive Discord role - Beta Testers

  • Exclusive Discord channel

We are currently recruiting Beta testers, and if you are interested in joining the Beta Testing Program, below are a few things that you should know:

  1. The Beta Testing Program is expected to start on 1 Sept for around 1-2 months. Further updates on the Beta Testing Program will be announced in the near future.

  2. Experience with testing, debugging or app design is not necessary. However, Beta testers are expected to provide feedback to us. We will provide feedback channels and guidance, which ensures that we can collect the feedback and be able to respond correspondingly.

  3. Beta testers are expected to be in good standing with the community. Please follow the code of conduct, be active and collaborative and contribute to the WatchAd community.

  4. There are no commitments to be available for any specific test, time frame or schedule during the Beta test. This is a volunteer Beta Testing Program, and we appreciate all kinds of help from our community.

  5. WAD is the ONLY available payout during the Beta Testing Program.

If all the above sounds great to you, please submit an application and join the Beta Testing Program here:

**Please do remember to register and payout with the same phone number and wallet address you summited in the application form during the Beta Testing Program.

(Any violations might lead to an unsuccessful payout. )

We are excited to see you soon, and there will be another blog coming soon, explaining all the details of the WatchAd app updates.

The WatchAd Development Team

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