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WatchAd App

Earn Crypto by the touch of your hand

WatchAd App
WatchAd App

WatchAd is an inclusive app that allows you to Earn, Play and Social.

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Zero entry fee

No more expensive rigs and entry fees.

Everyone can be a miner/ investor.

Instant rewards

Payout within WatchAd app.

Instant SOL/BNB/WAD!

Mine anytime, anywhere!

Earn crypto instantly.

All you need is your smartphone.

Collection game-Fi

Collect unique NFTs and

art pieces by watching Ads!

Many fashion items are waiting for you to collect!

Demo video

WatchAd Free to use
WatchAd Flexibility

Future projects

WatchAd Updates

WatchAd Updates

WatchAd values user experience.

New features.

WatchAd 2.0

Enrichment of Earning tools.

New function and updates!

WatchAd 2.0
WatchAd Store

WatchAd Store

Online & Convenient.

Buy NFT and WatchAd products online!

Collabs are on their way!

Learn More

WatchAd WAD Token

WAD Token

WatchAd NFT GameFi

WatchAd NFTs

WatchAd Vision

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